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Every Girl Must Own

Some people say that the eyebrows shape the face, I believe that too but I see lipstick as the sister to the eyebrows and foundation as the mother of the face.  

I will be discussing only 3 main colours which are Red, Pink Nude Every girl should have.

When someone says red what do you immediately think of a Rose, Blood, Lipstick

Red can be associated with anything that involves passion, boldness and sexy

So remember when you go for light red you want to draw subtle attention to your lips when darker you want to blend in but still be bold.

  photo tumblr_mteuojZBFf1qg26jko1_500_zps49546f52.gif 

What comes to mind when you think of pink? Cute, Girly and flirty. 

Well I believe pink is the colour of perfection. Pink isn’t bold but it still captures your attention. 

 Make sure its the right shade for your complexion you have to decide where your wearing it to so the colour matches your mood, makeup and outfit.

Am sure when you think nude you think of nakedness well I agree nude is the colour that you wear to complement exactly what u have. You ever hear of flaunt what your momma gave you, well thats applies to nude lipstick.

Every Girl, Lady and Woman should own all 3 I Hope you've enjoyed this post
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