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Diss Cuss Thiss - Are you Modest?

Being a Reader of @Nash Amber I appreciate the idea of modest dressing allot, I believe in Beautiful skin & Healthy bodies. Meaning when you have a great body or one your comfortable in, you do not need to show everything and leave nothing to imagination.

I went to church dressed in a brown, body hugging fitted dress with tights and a jacket honestly I felt like I stole from the collection box. Even though I was completely covered, I felt wrong and unlike everyone else.

However, I do believe that if you're a curvy woman  then does it become immodest to show what you have. What if you are completely covered up like Example A

Does looking like Example B make you more modest and define your Character.

In my personal opinion both of these ladies look beautiful but some would quickly judge example A as being immodest or showing too much. Men & women would look because her body is more in your face but just because people have their own ideas and thoughts does not mean one is more of a saint than the other. My question is 

Is Modest Dressing fair to everyone?
 Even when your not trying to overdo it people will still judge, look and comment
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  1. I believe that as well as dressing to your own comfortability, you should dress to make yourself look appealing. Not so that people will look at you, but so that you feel better about yourself. It's a bit like cleanliness, as soon as you jump out of the shower you feel clean externally and internally (or maybe that's just me lol). With wearing clothes you feel as good as you look externally, if you're dressed with clothes that bring out your figure, eyes, hair or just make you look 'universally beautiful', or that match the personality you have. Then you will feel better about you! but if you're wearing clothes to conform with the norm (lol that rhymes), or match someone through idolisation of a celebrity, to cover up hidden insecurities, or even just to catch man lol, then you won't be happy with what you wear entirely, or if you are then you wont be happy with yourself. it sounds a bit shallow but you can tell quit a lot about a person, their personality and some of their thought just from the way they dress, its like an art and your clothes express who you are or how you feel. (sometimes though, its just damn cold and you need that ugly warm jacket to get you through the winter lol, I understand).

    1. I actually never thought about it that way in terms of when you said cleanliness and I agree. You should be able to dress to how to feel, you cant bath to clean yourself and wear dirty clothes. Obviously there should be a sense of weather in mind but as long as your truly comfortable in what you wear you define modesty it may not be to everyones standards but its a start. =)

  2. I think modesty will always start with the mind, how do we think? Do we honour God with our decisions? There was once a time God told me to change my fine behind out of something because I dressed a particular way to get the wrong kind of attention from a particular guy, so my motives were all wrong and I wasn't being modest.

    Kim in example A is dressed modestly no matter what people have to say, she has CURVES, so no matter what she wears we will always tell even if she had a burqa on and in B I couldn't wear something like that personally, just because I would prefer it with a longer skirt and that has more to do with my personality and style of fashion than being modest :)

    1. My friend had a church where only long skirts were permitted, and in the news theres was a church that allowed no weaves and also the feelings on walking into a church like example A and feeling out of place.
      That's actually where I felt it most to inspire this post, this coming from a girl who is only figuring her style now after 21 good years lol.

      I think modesty should be thought as mind over matter, use the mind to decide what suits you and the matter to address whether what is about to be worn is comfortable or too revealing. I agree it does start in the mind and even the most well dress people can still have an immodest mind, as to why I used the movie as another example. personality is Key

      Thanks for commenting luv =)


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