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If your ego is to big to ask for help it will destroy you ! 

Did you forget that evil & gossip grow in number because evil helps evil

I was watching a cartoon whilst getting ready for uni and I noticed this villain always had a new way of  coming up with elaborate plans to conquer the world muhahaha (evil laugh) seriously this dude had no life, no job even though he did own a mansion which confused me but he never found it hard to beg, to be a kiss up or take his pride aside all in the name of fulfilling his master plan.
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Whenever I think about hitler and how he conquered it makes sense to think that he was just like the villain in the cartoon and he unfortunately didn't fail.
evil helps evils
I discovered that some people or even good people if i may say may not have this much determination 
1- We wouldn't want to mistreat people to get our way 
2- some may be to proud or waiting for the God to come down from heaven when he brought a boat 3x 

Never ever get too prideful or ignore those who support you
ask for help and use initiative to those who have helped you
evil helps evil 
good never fails to support good


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    1. Your Page is awesome I will be making Instagram soon so will find you on there. Thanks for commenting

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting, I would love to visit your blog and definitely on Bloglovin 2 =)

  3. I agree! I think sometime we can become too prideful, which can hinder us in the grand scheme of things. Setting your pride aside and asking for help is okay. Some people have such a hard time asking for help. My man is one of those people. He almost has to be in the death bed before asking for help.

    1. Thank you =) I agree and understand your comment I don't know where that sense of pride comes from with Good hardworking people but we are never to big to ask for help am always a helping hand to as much people as i can be, yes its not easy and yes sometimes it gets tiring but it works people who do bad help each other every day.


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