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So I had my uni presentation yesterday, it was so stressful am just glad its over and done with. The invisible bond I had with group is gone and honestly I couldn't have felt better. However it was a great learning experience. On my way home I picked up a small amount of things.

I saw this movie years ago in an adverts and every student needs motivation at some point. So I read the back and thought movie + motivation whats not to want.

I love fragrances am a sucker for anything that smells girly and can stay on for hours. as Chanel said 'A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future'. I believe strongly that you must have a fragrance that you are known for and mine became Coco chocolate. (Nude Lippy)

   My love for chocolate is real but I only eat the Galaxy bar, and Chocolate muffin I don't have a taste for anything else chocolate.

Just because it reminded me of China and I like to write.

You know your a Fan when a change of letter makes you turn detective mode in Super drug.
I applied both on my hand the results came out great and I love both but haven't worn the CC out yet. Will be doing a review.

My friend Elsie would be proud to hear I spend more than £5 on a mascara. I was off the deep belief that you must find what works for you whether that being £30 or £3. Understand that what may work for everyone else may not work for you.


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