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Natural Hair Week London Review

Overall Impression: Based on the informative and entertaining aspect of it. I would have to say the event was lovely, very interesting, it felt nice being around so much people who embraced their own hair, with so many different textures and styles.

Loved: The skin expert, finding businesses I didn't know about before, I love entrepreneurs so that was a treat for me alone. I appreciate people who believe in themselves enough to make their dreams come true.

50/50: I guess because it was a natural hair event I was expecting motivational speakers life stories, giveaways, basically an experiences that would make me feel like yasss (which is my favourite word) meaning beyond the surface and hear some wisdom and knowledge and just feel more knowledgeable walking out. I did however get a nice dose of this but not an overbearing amount. 

Blogging Obstacle: I tried to vlog and I failed miserably, so am now sure I definitely prefer blogging but would love to give youtube another go but probably not a vlog. 

Outfit & Why: It was like 10am in the morning, I looked loud not casual loud because thats me sometimes. People who I quote are 'somebodies' always go to events dressed to impress and have a vibe that makes you question is this somebody I should know, is there a reason people are staring at her, what's her story or just simply who is that. So knowing this because I love bloggers and you-tubers well entrepreneurs I needed to be fully me. It felt good to know that lil ole me nobody could actual feel like somebody. Gurrl you need to represent every time theres a networking event involved.  It was awesome guys. My Tv presenter side kept creeping out so I had to slow down. 


QUESTION- What blogging obstacle are you trying to or have overcome?  


  1. A really comprehensive review. I love how your review is positive, but also honest.


    1. Thank you very much that was exactly what I was going for :)

  2. loving this review

  3. Oh dear I'm not very good in front of a camera. I won't fall apart of course but I just deal better behind !!!

  4. I did not even realize that natural hair week existed. I will have to check out the next one.

  5. I always like to see honest reviews, you know you can trust a blogger if not everything is 100% wonderful! I'm about to give vlogging a try but I'm a bit nervous aha!
    Love Lucinda xx

  6. I heard a lot about this. Love your post.

  7. Mine would be the technical side behind the scenes, I am technophobic a little. Glad you overcame yours.

  8. I heard a lot about natural hair week.. This is a great post.

  9. I agree with everyone above, love your honest review. I trend vlogging but lately no time so I kinda quite but love blogging

  10. Lovely post, cute outfit, & amazing opportunity! :D

    ♥ | | xoxo


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