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Natural hair is art that represents the words of a confident woman that never has to be spoken. It is like a plant that grows through care, consistency and nurturing. To be natural is more than just hair, more than just a movement. Having natural hair is the beginning of freedom to the mind.  Enjoy it because by understanding your hair, you start to understand your self. Natural hair is a journey of self-discovery.  It teaches patience acceptance, creativity and increases your knowledge.

Some believe it is just hair and why the big fuss but it goes deeper.  During my journey I discovered protective styling, natural products, Bantu knots, braids, hair mask and the list goes on. I have learned to love my hair and honestly not make it the main focus of my life but give as much love and attention as needed. Now I embrace the journey.


  1. I always believed its just hair and this is because of the fuss people attach to it. This just makes it less than what it actually is and that's quite sad. I agree with you saying it teaches patience, creativity and increases knowledge because that has been the truth for me. I've learned so much since returning natural and this is why it kills me when people make natural hair to be about something else like racism and hatred. This post just makes you think about the true beauty of hair and true understanding of it not being the major focus in life as you wrote !! I'm a huge fan Ola !!!

    1. Thank you so much I love your comment and I really wanted to highlight this aspect of hair since now I am now taking my natural hair journey more seriously and more personal am glad you understood this post I was also influenced by your previous post. x Thank you.

  2. Awww!!! That's such a nice thing to say Ola. Thank you!!!
    When i returned natural i was clueless and did all the wrong things for five years out of total ignorance. But now im learning and really enjoying it!!

  3. Very well said. It truly makes me want to start wearing my natural hair. Re funny thing is what is stopping me is that I hate how far my face looks when I wear my afro. stretched it's great but when it's in it's shrunken state it's too small to compensate my round face.

    I know I have to get over it. I spent 3 weeks in Germany with natural hair in 2013. I had a eureka moment that I was fed up with this curly weave and that I could do better with my real hair. I took it all out day 2 of the trip and let's just say I really strengthened my relationship with myself with that hair.

    You're so right.

    I also think out of ignorance people associate natural hair with being [politically] militant since many political activists like Huey Lewis, Angela Davis, etc wore Afros. I notice certain people being uncomfortable with it. You know what I mean.


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