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Hello there if you are wondering S.C.C stands for 'saturday or sunday chit chat' and I found an amazing solution to solving my lack of photography problems because I love putting a picture at the very top of every post. I will be using seasons as an opportunity to improve my photography, have lovely pictures to go with my post and hopefully be consistent. You guys have no idea just how excited I was when words just started coming to me randomly my writer sprit isn't dead after all. It made my day and I couldn't wait to start writing. 

I started work again just recently and this post is about just how much power the mind has. 

So I went back to a place where I had been working before without a lot of people realising I wasn't new. It is really surprising how people and yourself act when you are put in this predicament. Someone who was actually new decided to give themselves power in a particular situation basically assessing a sense authority over me by asking me to do things that you can really get away with new employees and have 5-10 mins of following instructions they asked when did I start working and I answer about 2 years ago. Immediate power shift. Now I was in control and the newbie felt put in there place. 
Another example was when someone shouted at me on my first day for eating in a kitchen even though existing employees were doing exactly the same. A week later I was favoured by everyone and did exactly the same thing and guess what the same woman saw me eating and said nothing another power shift.

Also do you realise how differently you act when you are new in an environment to when you're already existing there.  The mind is home without doors that you have to personally buy and install yourself. You choose what comes in and what goes out , you choose what gets to live there rent free and you choose how fearful or fearless you should be in a situation. I never used to be scared of insects or pest but I grew up around fearful people who later installed in me that is was the norm to be scared so know my mind is fearful even though my brain is still try to asses the situation 

Next time you're new at something, assert your dominance  ask when you need to and be confident, because the mind tells you what you should feel even though you are in control of the mind.

Thanks for reading, comment below on how you felt when you started blogging  to how you feel now ?


  1. Such a lovely post - a change of environment can be really good but also quite daunting. I love your tips.

    1. Thank you so much am glad I could help :)

  2. Something similar happened to me about 2 years ago when I return to a team I used to work in 3 years previous. There is a lot to be said about approaching something with the right mind set.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    1. definitely, the mindset plays an important role and in a work environment not having the right mindset can be sign of weakness which I learned the hard way. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. i've always said that bullies are not only a schoolyard thing - they exist in the workplace as well!
    the nerve of that lady to yell at you when there were so many others doing the exact same thing, how insane.

    with regards to how i felt when i started blogging to how i feel now - at first, i definitely was more focused on writing posts on what i thought people wanted to see.
    my ootd's, my favorite beauty products, blah blah but now, i just blog whatever the hell i want, haha.
    if people read and follow, great.
    if not, it's whatever, haha.


    1. Thank you thats exactly what I thought and she was all normal afterwards, its a power issue she had little power so she wanted to exercise that to feel good about herself. High five we are on the same wave length I just focus strictly on what I enjoy or find interesting so its not a chore to write. Thanks for stopping by x

  4. I agree with you grace and attitude. When i started blogging, it used to piss me off that ppl would visit and not say something about my posts but now i just blog any ways. Read it, dont read it, it doesnt change the world. I enjoy blogging and do it cos i enjoy it. Amazing post as always Ola.

    1. I've learnt that lesson the hard way and as I type I am still learning that there is strength and power in doing what you love. Thank you x

  5. Ola,

    Great post! I love your blog (dare I call it that? You said you were a writer lol).


    La Deutsche Diva

    1. Thank you I am actually a thinker first and foremost but you can call it anything really but I associate more being a writer than a blogger. Thanks for commenting x


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