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A blogger is usually a person who is trying to build an audience, has a schedule and also might have a niche or an image to uphold. An image that helps market their brand and themselves. However haven’t tried both I unfortunately couldn’t keep up because I had 2 different types of audiences I really wanted to upkeep.
I love fellow bloggers who just write about their niches and informed me, helped me and generally just created a little space on the internet for me to feel comfortable.  On the other hand I read writers who write what they feel, when they feel it and I love it. I can’t keep to schedule to save a life lol but I can write and write I shall in whichever form that comes in.

My new header is also an indication that reflects my thoughts, to establish that I do not have a niche nor a plan or even pen to paper at times. I just live my life and have deep thought and I come here to express that and find similar people. 
Thank you reading this and keeping up with my unpredictable site. I hope one day I create even more opportunities from the thoughts that live in my head and flows through my fingers. Glad we could talk have a blessed sunday x  

P. S I have a commenting problem please copy what you wrote and paste again just incase it doesn't show sorry about that. 


  1. One word....Amen!!
    Couldn't have written it better!
    Hahahah unpredictable is sooooooooo true!

    1. loool yes I know am covering my face now.

  2. I'm a blogger and haven't been keeping up with my schedule. I didn't even think of being a blogger in the definition you've laid out. I feel like I should write me. I definitely am enjoying your blog AND these wonderful landscape pictures!!! I see why you were listed on @ediyemade's list.


    La Deutsche Diva

    1. I love @ediyemade she is awesome, I agree with you blogging has a formula that I just wasn't ready to abide but I still enjoy writing and finding myself in the process. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT COMMENT XXXXX IN REGARDS TO THE PICTURES I TRY AND AM STILL TRYING. XXX

  3. Hey Ola,
    Your blog was mentioned on Ibibiogirl, and as she has never disappointed with any of her recommendation, I decided to follow the trail to your blog....
    And I'm glad I did, because I've enjoyed reading your posts. So thank you Jen jen and more grease to you elbows Ola!

    Have a lovely week.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, I will also be checking out your lovely blog, I have found so many from her recommendations and am glad she led you here.

      Have a lovely week also x

  4. Great post as always. I can really relate it. I'm still not sure which category I fall in but I'm just doing me for the time being and hopefully it will all fall into place. Xx


  5. I can relate - I like various diff blogs for diff reasons but, the ones which resonate most with me are blogs with personality that don't necessarily follow trends to be 'a blogger' but, just share their written experiences :)

    keep it up !


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