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Hiya I am doing this lovely tagg post which was sent by +J Ausserehl and my questions are open to anyone to do on there blog on in my comment section. lets start.

1- Is there any friend you haven't  spoken to in donkey years, would you ring them if given the chance?
No to be honest I keep in touch with the people I most care about and I hate talking on the phone, I prefer seeing the person in person and have a catch up.  I hope everyone well and I don't reminisce on the past I still care for my friends but I don't miss them if I did I would call or ask for a meet up. Am an introvert so meeting and having a catch beats phone calls any day.

2-Bill Cosby rape allegations, thoughts?
Hmmm, I  am a mini conspiracy theorist so I always look at what someone was doing before there're in the headlines, and a little birdy told me that bill Cosby wanted to start his own black network with his own money which will reflect positive images of black people and families and apparently some power forces didn't want that so they are trying to destroy him. However I don't get involved with mess like that let God judge him because I won't my life is stressful enough. I didn't even watch the Cosby show growing up so I have nothing to say on that matter. Let god make judgement. 

3-Bookstore or Library?
Library Any day, any time any where that is my second home, it brings me an peace in a world that is determined to do the opposite. Sometimes you just need a place to reflect and meditate. (yes I am hippy call it what you will but I love it )

Fix it or replace it 
4- Fix it, am not that type of person who can replace people that easily (corny bit coming up I warned you) I have experience with other souls not people, I remember experiences and that person or thing for the good they brought into my world so before I even consider moving on I try and fix it first and then make my decision on that. That also goes for things as well not just people.

Damsel in distress or wonder woman?
5- Wonder flipping woman, I just remembered this song as I was reading this question "I don't wanna be like Cinderella sitting in a dark old dusty cellar waiting for somebody to come set me free, I don't wanna be like snow white waiting for a handsome prince to come save me." I connected with that song at like 9-10 and I still believe this, some independent woman are born that way honestly you can be made independent because of situation or like myself can have that natural need to find solution by self from a young and carry that attitude with you when you're older to form an independent mindset.

My questions will also be 5.
1- What did this year teach you ?
2- One thing you should have done ?
3- One thing you loved from this year ?
4- One thing you would change about the world ?
5- If you could bring back one person that has passed away back into our current world, would you and why ? 

On that note comment your response and share this post with anyone you feel you would love to hear their response and have an early merry xmas. p.s my comment is always acting up should be okay now.


  1. One thing I loved from this year? Is figuring out how much I'm happy regardless of the things I wish I had. Thank you for doing this. And its a bit early to say it but merry Christmas anyways!

    1. Merry xmas to you love and am happy of your new found perspective :)

  2. I enjoyed reading this tag. Wonder women unite! I am going to do this on my blog too. Thank you for this tag!

    1. Thank you commenting am glad you enjoyed reading this and I can't wait to see your answers to the tag :)

  3. 1. 2014 taught me that if I sacrifice and persist in that what needs to be done to get my goal, I can achieve it. In short, LUCK = PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITY
    2. I should have led a healthier lifestyle and gotten rid of some of this excess weight I gained. I accomplished the majority of my resolutions except weight. In my defense I had two month trips to Germany, relocation (my fitness routine was disrupted gotta find new classes), two fashion shows I volunteered for a new job (job stress), etc. I don't handle personal stress very well it leads to eating. I need to find a better way to deal with stress
    3. I loved that I was able to be in Germany so long this year, finally get a job with a German company and get away from my last job which was stressing me out mentally, emotionally and physically (miniscus).
    4. If I could change the world it would be get rid of racism and intersecting oppression.
    5. I would bring back my grandmother she was the mother I should have had, the root to the family tree, an inspiration and an overall joy to be around. No one's perfect everyone has their ways. But she loved strong and was very supportive. She also had a smart mouth like Sophia from Golden Girls hehe.

    Great Post! I love the pics. They are ao crips, colorful and clear. What kind of camera do you use? I am considering getting a more professional looking camera but they are sooooo expensive.

  4. Btw I think Bill Cosby is guilty. Funny thing about Hollyweird, they like to cover up the dirt they do (with fixers like Olivia Pope and whatnot), but the minute you piss the wrong person off they start airing your dirty laundry. People think it's made up but I think he wanted to do something positive and unfortunately with eve talent comes some sickness or craziness. While I would love to believe it's not true. You can't put it past Hollyweird.

  5. what you said about your grandmother was so touching, she sounds like a lovely human being, so sorry she passed. I use a canon 600d the pic is on my Instagram which is left on the blog. Gurl get second hand and then get the one you want, best option when you're not ready to spend a crazy amount. I actually really agree with you, that he pissed off the wrong person I don't know if I believe he did or didn't but I agree with you alot. Thanks for something by lovely. xxxx


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