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I believe it is important to know exactly what's in your skin care product. Especially your lotion or body butter, both are things we use almost or if not everyday, taking 26 seconds to sink into the blood stream.  Resulting in either helping us or being the number factor of loads of skin problems, this and obviously loads of factors we use everyday. With preservatives, chemicals, fragrances, parabens, petroleum colouring and additives.

I wanted to make a this because it was natural, smelled lovely and helped my body in the long run. If you would like to try this, which would be awesome, keep in mind that some ingredients can be changed to suit your needs but choose a soft fragrance that's a simple reflection you. Nothing too strong but go for a natural option. Like lavender, or rosewater or even coco butter.  The question you need to ask yourself is simple, can you achieve the same safer, affordable results making this at home at your own convenience. 

I could easily put up a perfect picture that illustrates how perfectly easy and fun this was too make. Easily and let you my dear reader go off thinking it's as easy as boiling water but no I will tell everything u need to know about making your own at home, lovely smelling natural, organic lotion or body butter. 
Imagine smelling good before  you even put on your fragrance and that lasting the whole day. That's what I experience. Everything highlighted is to tell you what I found out the hard way.

Beeswax (to combine the liquids and the oil) *
Your own natural essential oil for fragrance mine was gifted) 
Vitamin e 
Coconut oil *
coco butter or Shea butter 
An electric mixer

Let's begin 
Get a small container and add  5 things 
1- Coconut oil 3 spoonful (measurements depend on how much you're making and for body or face)  *Shea butter  *Almond  *Glycerin  * Vitamin e oil (start with a small container)
2- Get an even bigger separate bowl and add very hot water. 
3-The small bowl with the oils put it in the boiling hot water to melt. Do not pour the oils to water just put the small boil into the big boil.
After everything as melted bare in mind the beeswax must melt, now mix for 30s to a minute.
4- Leave to turn thick  for an hour or two. I went out so it became thick when I came back. Lol I found this out the hard way. I started to panic before I went out but I knew I could fix it when I came back so I just left it to turn thick. 
5- Then get your electric mixer or blender, and mix I did this for 10mins.
Mix until you get this consistency
Store this in the fridge or in a cool, dry place and bare in mind you can't keep it for years but it takes only a few minutes to make. So I dated it and will see how long it will last, I would say 4-6 months.  Share, share share and if you have any questions you have in the comment section, thanks for reading. xx


  1. Very nice Ola! I usually just whip Shea butter and use for my hair and skin! Haven't done it in a while as I've got a little more left. It looks really good hun. Would love to know how long it lasts!
    Well done

    1. Thank you love, so far its doing well and its being about 3 weeks but because it was my first time, I have been making a few changes and adjustment. I've even made a new one that I prefer a lot more mostly because I love all things chocolate. Thank you so much for commenting. x

  2. This looks amazing! I think I'm going to try this this week! Looks amazing.


    La Deutsche Diva

    1. Thank you so much, I've been experimenting and I will say please do not add a lot of shea butter I found this out the hard way and it also depends of it you are a shea butter fan. However thank you so much lovely, Let me know how it goes. xxx

  3. Said this on instagram already, but I am super impressed that you made this at home! In theory I 'd like to do this kinds of things, unfortunately I have neither the time nor the patience :(

    1. Thank you lovely, It didn't take that long at all, if you ever have the time to try it and I was mostly motivated by my desire to learn. I hope one day you do, and it could be anything you just want to experiment on. Thank you for commenting. xx

  4. Well done for making this yourself because it looks great! Do the oils totally cover the smell of the shea butter? I love shea butter scented things but real 100% shea smells so different and so strong in a bad way idk why! I might try it anyway though


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