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Am taking a new approach here on life talks listens influenced by other fellow bloggers that done is better than perfect. Thanks for tuning in today, this is not an update am still alive haven't gone anywhere. However the biggest change I've made is just being more productive an remembering that an idle mind is the devils playground. My previous self was completely different I used to live on Instagram and be an online addict, but now I am more in control. 

My internet went from Thursday and is coming back this Monday. The struggle *cries* I decided to get to know the people I live with lol my family.  It's interesting that we didn't actually come together until the Internet stopped working.  I can't believe am uploading this from my phone. This is the first time I've had to resort to this. 

Another thing, am questioning deleting Twitter, there's nothing wrong with but I've  just got more reasons I would like to create something else than have twitter. It's useful but not engaging if that makes sense.

I had the massive cupboard from ikea one with a lot of space for things and over  time I accumulated a lot I mean a lot of things to put in that and you remember my post don't organise your problems well before that I spent every week organising clutter and funny enough I spent another week making more mess, because I had too much.  So then I brought a smaller one and let me tell you my soul hates ikea for this from the customer service to the product itself. This assemble was crazy and then I would have to pay close to the same amount I paid to fix up properly.

Even though I hate how everything is going am still able to pull out something from all this. Do not make room for clutter or room for mess because you are inviting problems into your personal space or life. Do not make room in the first place so you don't have to figure out how to fix it later. 
You know the feeling of being born into a religion, where its already chosen for you, well I didn't believe in being born a Christian I later chose to become one as I grew older and I love it. My point here is I have always at heart being someone who was fascinated by sorts of things and extremely curious about the idea of products, emotions, attachment, the idea of materialism and consumerism. 

Let me not bore you with what my ideas and leave you with theses lesson I've so Far come across on my journey of minimalism.

1- don't organise your mess
2- preventing your problems is better than curing it. 
3- don't give things of unimportance a space in your life. 

Thanks for reading, please let me know how your 2015 is going so far? 



  1. True Talk.

    Moving so often had helped to make me into a (relatively) minimalist/un-materialistic person. Still I often look around my flat and realise there are tons of stuff I could happily without. I'm working of becoming even less dependant on...stuff.

    Have a great week. X

    1. Same here my aim is to also have no emotional attachment to stuff, thanks for commenting love. x

  2. Awwww sorry about that. I hate writing a post on the tab or my cellphone cos i tend to gather typos like it's going out of fashion. Lol. Don't sweat it jor, just edit when you get your sorted.
    I feel the same way about Twitter and was going to uninstall it but G figured it doesn't hurt to have it so in try to share Instagram posts over there.
    Your third listed lesson I'm totally digging. You know how you just get an epiphany? Its kind of like that! You realize some things are totally unimportant, taking up good space in your life for no apparent reason except a deep need to hold on to negativity just to delude yourself that your are balancing the universe! Hahaha
    2015 is actually going great! School has been so amazing since we resumed and I promised to improve my German this year! So its definitely working
    Have a great day Ola

    1. Your comments are like little blog post love reading them. have a great day as well am late as always but am slowly catching up, now off to your blog. x .

  3. Lol @ "I decided to get to know the people I live with lol my family."

    You sound like me when the lights went out during the storm. My sister, niece, daughter and I were in the dark like "are we gonna interact til the lights come back on or we gonna all play on our iPhones?" My sister was and daughter laughed and then was "nah we playing on our iPhones".

    Then my niece was like "titi the kindle fire is dying", then my sister was like loh shit my iPhone dying", then my daughter was like "yeah mom mine to. Then I was like "shit mine too". Well then I was like "let's go to my friends house". We all got dressed ready to go and as soon as I opened the door the lights turned back on.

    Anyway I'm glad you took the time to get to know your family. Mine decided to play with our electronics til they died and then go over to someone else's house to recharge before interacting. Smh lol

    2015 is going great btw.


    La Deutsche Diva


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