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Stepping away from being the unfortunate perfectionist that I am, I decided to this tag post called the versatile blogger award.  (Sorry am late) I got tagged by the lovely  Ediyemade for wait for it drum roll please lol being identified as a blogger with great content, great quality writing and amazing photos and the ability to keep readers entertained. yasssss. (this is just another excited way of say yes). Thanks as always.  The rules are simple show gratitude to the blogger who selected you and select 15 (maybe less ) bloggers that you have recently discovered and share 7 things about yourself.
7 Things about me
Cheapskate lover
1-  I am such a cheapskate, thrifty, bargain hunter whatever you want to call it. and I love it, I think maybe it was because my life changed when I came to this country, coming from middle class to working class or worse. I just had a weird relationship with money that I am still working on. I hate excessive buying and YouTube hauls now who needs to by 20 things every month how much room does one have.  On the my next point. 

2- I am a proud minimalist, whilst talking to my other half I explained it perfectly, Minimalism in my opinion is a selective living that aims to simplify your life and pretty much leave you less baggage and more of you. A minimalist does not organise their clutter or problem (click to read) but aims to be selective about what they want in there life and what they don't.

I hate Ikea
3- I was going to save this for its own post but in the spirit of being positive I will discuss it here. I hate ikea's customer service it is awful, I will never go there again for furniture maybe one or two items but the grief they have brought is enough to stay away, awful awful company. A woman told me my items were coming I have to wait a total of 3weeks before anything can be done because she cancelled my order and didn't even inform me. I hate ikea's customer service with a strong passion. If your house is upside down and you have paid and all they need to deliver why is that so difficult.  

Ola without food 
4- I fasted one time lovely experience and I became the nicest person I know. I was hugging, smiling, thinking, praying anything calm I was doing it. So basically when I don't have food I become the nicest person. It's weird to be honest that food changes me. Maybe I need prayer or maybe its because I don't have the energy when I am fasting and that leads me to think before I act.

Tube Hate 
5-  I hate London tube rush hour in the morning it's a nightmare. There had been time I found it hard to breath. I was touching everyone and my bag got stuck to the door whilst the door was trying to close. It's literally something that I have to go through that has tested every part of my self endurance's. 150 people scrambling to get on the same tube its terrible guys. 

Racism in 2014  
7- So on news years eve, me and my family went out experienced direct racism it was quite angry loud event. Simply because it was about our skin colour do you how ignorant you would have to be to hate someone simply because the colour of their skin. I have a no tolerance attitude towards this and it really bothered me for some time but am okay now. That was the very first time in my life I experience racism. 

Little Fashionista 
6- Before anything before writing before blogging before YouTube I have always been a little fashionista and that's something that I haven't really been able to be for quite some time . I am a proud fashionista that's why even when I started blogging I called myself iista proudly and still do. I love fashion &  style a nice outfit could get me through the worst day, get me to compliment someone I don't like, improve my battery life, grow my hair, finish my essay etc. all jokes aside that's even why I made Instagram but I'll see how that goes this year,wish me luck.

Theses are some bloggers I have either recently just discovered or just love their awesomeness.

Ediyefunk - ( Consistent & lovely supportive blogger and person love her) 
Ladeutschediva - (lovely writer and very supportive, she makes you feel like you are with her when she writes ) 
Grace and gratitude (calm approach to blogging, smart, knowledgeable and driven )
The beaut blogger ( great writer,  committed and always improving )
RumbieLove (awesome photography, great blogger, )
Styling the way forward  - (very nice young lady, very supportive and helpful also great consistent blogger)
Marieislander - (new to me* lovely blog and I can see myself supporting this blogger because she is so nice)
Bitsofthisandthatblog - ( lovely lovely and even more lovely, in every way) 
Vessfou - (lovely, supportive consistent you feel comfortable on blog, very simple no distractions)
dashikblog - (new to me* I can also see myself supporting this lovely blogger from what I know so far, her blog and she is so pretty can't wait to bombard her page.
Clarolu- (Great minds think alike, I love her straight talking, real approach to writing) 


  1. aww tag posts are my favoruite type. i am so sorry you had to endure racism though, how disgusting! dont let the small minded, ignorant people get to you :) id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Would love to and it bothered me when it happened but its a thing of the past now. Thank you so much for stopping by. xxx

  2. I am very prudent as well, and look out for good sales...and avoid clutter by sticking to what i need and not want.
    Ha! Racism is every where..sometimes subtle...sometimes direct! I ignore it because
    Thanks for visiting my 'home'. and it's a pleasure knowing more about you.

    1. Thank you so much for returning the gesture I will be back because I love your blog and your real approach to writing, you are opening my eyes :)

  3. Oh gawd I thought I was the only cheapskate in town!!!! Thrifty is the new age man! Hahahaha! I think living in Nigeria made me have low expectations for customer service really!
    My first trip to the UK, I was at Euston station and the mob I saw coming towards me nearly crippled me but I found it cool that even with that rush hour crowd, ppl still stopped to ask if I needed help with my luggage. Let's not even discuss racism! And I'm growing into a little fashionista myself hahaha! Promised I would loose the tom boyish dressing this year and I'm totally liking it. Thanks for doing this ola

    1. Your welcome lovely I would do it a 100 more times if it came from you. Thank you for being an awesome blogger.

  4. Great post, thank you for letting us get to know you a little better through these 7 random facts! no. 1 and 5, I'm the same. I don't mind haul videos but sometimes I just think it's not actually by force to be doing hauls every time lol. number 5 is what puts me off london completely!
    Sorry about your racism experience, don't let it get to you though. We're always going to stand out anyway, just remember stand out for the right reasons ;)

    And thank you so much for the mention, what a nice surprise! :) Does this mean I am tagged then? lol I really appreciate it, and thanks for introducing these other bloggers as well I'm going to check them out! God bless xx

  5. Great post my lovely, and thank you so much for the shout out!
    I am a massive cheapskate too! If it's not on sale, I'm not interested lol!
    I unfortunately experience racism on the regular due to living in Kent. Being a Londoner I was shocked to say the least as I had previously spent life living in a protective bubble where I'd never experienced such a thing. You just develop a thick skin I guess. Xx

  6. We are similar in some ways...minimalism and "cheapskatism", but different in others. I love the underground and Ikea....probably because I have experienced the Paris metro which is disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. The underground is SO clean! As per Ikea, I love going there just for the food :)

    In other news, racism is soo soo disgusting, both explicit and implict! It pisses me off when I experience or hear of others' unfortunate experiences. I'm like you have the right to think you stupid narrow-minded thoughts, as long as it doesn't affect me and my life in anyway. I'm so sorry you had to experience this sha. Pele.

    And merci beaucoup for talking about me in such glowing terms! I'm glad the godmother of cool blogs (Ibibio girl), led me to you :)

  7. *Tear* I can't believe it. I was mentioned.

    Lmao @ improve my battery life, grow my hair, finish my essay etc. you're too funny.

    When I fast I'm
    The opposite I'm acting as if I'm a martyr and I have it so tough the first three days. after that I'm all, life is more than food, spiritual, meditating, I can't take over the world. It's crazy. I'm about to start fasting for the month of Feb! Wish me luck.

    I don't know if it's ikea so much as customer service outside of the USA is bad. I hate to say it but when I'm in Germany or in a mom touristy area they act like "take it or leave it" as of they don't give a eff you see Kay whether I spend or not. Choices are not as extensive as here in the USA. If I want a burger there's at least 36 restaurants in a 10 mi radius. That means I don't HAVE to eat at any given establishment and they know that. Hence the ass kissing here. In Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands they were like look lady do you want it or not?

    I say all that to say don't hate ikea. For that at least.


    La Deutsche Diva

  8. Yikes! I was tagged sometime last year and still haven't gotten round to it! Just don't know how to tie it in with my blog style/content! Lol
    Can't wait to take a look at the bloggers you tagged

  9. I've been writing these epic responses to your blogs and the internet keeps eating them!! *tear* I will have to regroup and try again.


    La Deutsche Diva

  10. I must admit that the fasting point cracked me up!


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