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Sex sell, Race sell what to sell next ?

Hi there, did you know that sometimes by being quiet in a situation that you could possibly make a difference to is just as bad as promoting the wrong doing that's taking place in that situation. An incident occurred online, which from first glance was clearly discrimination, but with more focus became another racist cry for attention. 

Cosmopolitan an international women's magazines did a post about beauty trends that look awful and should r.i.p, featured on black women and then did a better version on white women. (How far we've come).  It seems like whenever celebs, or public figures want attention or more traffic to themselves. They do something controversial (basically a professional way of being sexist, racist, ageist, homophobic *finding a scapegoat*) and with a simple apology, the deed is done their plan is achieved and the world then just goes back to normal.

Yes, sensitivity has a market just like sex sells.  However you can only use it once a year, twice if you're lucky. Media rule 101 - entertainers knows the importances of attention and any publicity is good publicity as long as the pr team has planned before hand *Olivia pope* exactly how you will get out of the drama you've created. 

This is not only unprofessionalism to a disappointing level, it was planned, people! You know how many times people see an article before its published. I am not writing this just to highlight their wrong doing, If I wanted to do that I would have simply put their link or picture, which basically promotes more of what they did. 

This is not about colour either, because in making it about colour, I would also be discriminating whether directly or not this would just as bad as them. Which unfortunately a lot of writers *yes* writers get this wrong on so many occasions. Change starts with a thought, a revolution starts with change. If you believe in a better world you can do this every single time you feel like the world is going further and further in the toilet. Promote what you believe. 

*Notice the incident*
*Pay no mind to it, if you really want to discuss the stupidity and insensitivity of these people you may.*
After this
*Promote something that means a lot to you, drive attention away from the stupidity, literally, tag a friend*
*Tweet it or share it*

Comment down below on something you genuinely wished the world had more of? 



  1. I disagree with racism and sexism anywhere and it's so sad that in 2015 it's still a problem.

    1. I agree the world doesn't need it at all, the world is going in strange direction.
      Thanks for stopping by. x

    2. This is an amazing post! I had not even looked at it that way. Didn't realize that you could use race to sell. That makes a whole lot of sense. I totally agree with th not paying it attention and instead supporting things you do believe in. Do you mind if I steal the theme of this post? I think I have a spin off set of post a I would like to create. Of course you'll be credited you genius!

      Things I do believe in:

      Equality and diversity
      Supporting black owned business to include blogs


      La Deutsche Diva — The Denglisch Blog

    3. Theres a smile on face when I see your name pop up in my comment section lol. Of course you can lovely and would love to read your work and in regards to your post I think its so important because every single cent/penny counts and in a year or even a month spending money towards the right places will do the world better. Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. I disagree with any form of prejudice whether it's on the lines of race, sexuality, gender, age, marital status, disability, or whatever. Unfortunately, the list goes on. I wish the world had more tolerance.

    1. Same here, people are either over sensitive or very intolerant. thanks for posting on what you wished the world has more off x

  3. The entertainment world knows how fickle the human mind is, so they play it to their heart contentment whenever they want. Bad news sell faster than good news as mystery more than the norm.
    I wish the world will celebrate more on the dignity of labour than riches! It will reduce corruption!

  4. I think in 2015 this is a huge problem and for traffic and publicity is SO wrong. People need to find a middle ground and just take care with what they do and say! xx

  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly! Media does profit on negativity. I mean look at Miley Cyrus, that was her whole launch strategy. Anyway, something I strongly believe in is education and immigration. I wish the world would pay more attention to those in the Middle East who fight to better themselves and would also acknowledge immigrants who are hard-working and add to the economy.

  6. I totally agree with not paying attention to any form of bad. I put up a post on my anger towards people who idolize celebrities and I went off Lol but the point is by doing so, I'm paying attention to them sadly. The annoying part is the idle apology that has already been prepped before the article is published and it just basically says if you don't like it, don't read it and why anyone is bothering to buy the magazine is beyond me. Why would I feed my little hard saved cents into a magazine that doesn't celebrate diversity? Or worse, my race? We grumble that there are not enough black models on the runway, yet already established models are not doing anything to change that. You have to be diff to be featured y? Lupita wasn't the first black woman to win a statue but she's suddenly in our faces. What happened to the black women there before her? Helen Williams, grace Jones, and others we have no history of. Its suddenly cool to have lupita on the cover of every magazine because "they" picked her to shut us all up. Sorry for the rant Lol but I get that one person cannot change the world.


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