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Do your dance

Do your dance and the keys will find themselves, the rhythm will plays themselves and the magic will create itself.  This video is so inspiring, often times I chose not to write not because I hate writing but by the time I even get to the key board the inspiration or idea has left my system and then silly anxiety kicks in and result is procrastination, and unkempt promises to do better.

This video was unbelievably helpful, I always say I am not a blogger I am just a person who writes when she feel the need to. As I've also posted on Instagram am taking life one step at a time.  What I enjoyed most about blogging or specifically writing was the community feel and the creative freedom, lord only knows how I let everything else cloud this. I still heavily don't enjoy writing with a schedule because I don't want to keep to something that hold absolutely no value. I enjoy reading and meeting people and commenting from time to time but blogging is at the bottom of the list. It was fun and I shouldn't have made it source of financial gain, I comprised my creative spot for trying to be a awesome well known blogger. It should have been natural and not forced.

At the end of the day I now see it this way, A singer doesn't lose their voice if no one shows up to their concert, and an actor does not forget how to act even if he books no shows and a cook doesn't forgets their recipes even on days that no one is at home.  I repeat I don't enjoy blogging and I probably won't again but I enjoy talking to other bloggers, helping them grow, being active physically and online, watching YouTube videos etc.  So I did as the video instructed I danced (metaphorically) I have loads of notes on my phone so I'll make an attempt to work on one a week.

Thanks for taking time to read this and what do you enjoy most about blogging?


  1. Sometimes it is so easy to feel like you have to blog every day to give readers some content but then you often sacrifice any originality and creativity that brought them to your blog in the first place. I try to blog when I have something I am excited to share or something I want to chat about and if that means a few days without any blog posts then that is okay :) Do what makes you happy :)
    Irma xo


  2. I write about what I know and enjoy. That's why I enjoy blogging :) Sometimes you can lose your mojo though.

  3. Is she back????
    Well I'm with you....I'm definitely not a blogger but I do enjoy writing down my opinion. Its like listening to myself talk really and hey, who doesn't like the sound of their own voice or in this case the letters in their words? I created a blog as a way to kill boredom when I first relocated and then I resurrected my love for writing fiction and yeah I havent done that in a while. This post sort of brings that love reminder out.

  4. Wow! That last paragraph was profound.
    Thanks for being unapologetically yourself
    That's what makes this blog so authentic and enjoyable to read


  5. Great Video and great way to think about it. It's crazy how we've just accepted creativity and mental illness/anguish goes hand in hand. I hope to see you and interact with you more online although you won't be blogging. Thanks for sharing!


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