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Sometimes as a writer I have more trouble coming up with a title than I do actually writing -  blogger problem101 . Anyway if you don't already know social media has been going through a rough period. Mostly influenced by a fellow online presence Essena O'Neil. Summary of the incident is that she believes social media is evil, fake and affects reality. This really affected her life in a really depressing way.  Me, being a sucker for anything dramatic my initial reaction was to feel sad for the sadden young lady that she had to go through this experience and was obviously very affected by it. I am the first to start crying and feeling sorry until I've had some time to adjust and then think.  Essena is wrong with her approach to this, if you feel different comment below , she is not wrong for having an opinion and going through this ordeal online where she felt so miserable. she isn't even presently wrong for feeling how she feels because trust me I have been

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